Tuesday, 6 December 2016

OD Duty & pics

Not a bad turnout of 6 or 7 Fireballs on Sunday, considering we were on duty and 2 boats worth of helms were at Centre Parks. The photography didn't go quite as well as I'd hoped though. The expensive 'proper' camera with the mechanical zoom and many megapixels decided its battery was flat after 45 seconds. The action-cam gave up after 2 mins, so that wiped out the morning's photo-shoot. For the afternoon I dug out the trusty iPhone and got a few snaps, but the lack of a proper zoom meant that you had to sail into the committee boat before I could get a decent shot. One of the Solos took this concept a bit too far and demolished the gunwale of his boat on the engine of the committee boat whilst starting, and I didn't even have the camera out at the time...

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