Monday, 6 February 2012

Slipping down the slipways

I didn't sail last week as I was being wined and dined at the company AGM - an event that offered more time for sampling the cuisine than perusing the balance sheet. If you're interested, the venue was Love's Restaurant at the Glass House in Birmingham, and very good it was too!

So I was all fired up for a bit of sailing today, the forecast was 9 knots gusting to 12, and the temperature a balmy 5 deg C. But I'd reckoned without 2 inches of snow falling the previous day, which is bound to reduce the turnout a bit. And worse, the wind was rubbish again, more or less a flat calm at 9am, so Poorly Paul bailed out on the idea and I went sledging with the kids instead.

Later on we observed a grand total of 3 boats sailing the morning race, and two of them were Fireballs. Well done Firebally boys and girls, I take my hat off to you!

Now desperate to get back on the water. See you next week.

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